Sunday, September 1, 2013


50,000 words in.

That's book length, but I have a feeling I'm only about 2/3rds done. I'll be sending out a rough draft of the manuscript to a few copy editors/readers in a few weeks.

A couple new leads have kicked up and I'll do one last round of interviews while the rough draft is being edited. That probably means one last trip to New England, soon.

I'd still like a couple more anecdotes about Maura's life in Mass. If you knew her and have a story to share, please contact me:

More soon.


Rough draft is finished. Lots of editing to do. I'm not 100% in control of when this might come out. 2014 is looking kind of tight. 2015 is more likely.

I will be adding to it before publication. So send me your stories.