Monday, March 31, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole, Again...

I'm guessing this is a long shot, but I'm going to post out of an abundance of caution.

After a day that saw Maura Murray Facebook page moderator, Troy Killman, quickly deleting his sock-puppet accounts, an astute reader found this video of a flash mob which "Killman" posted to YouTube.

There is a woman who appears in the video whom some believe resembles Maura, or what she may look like a little older/heavier.

What do you think?

***UPDATED*** The "Official" Maura Murray Facebook Page is Being Catfished

There is something odd with the main moderator over at the official Maura Murray Facebook page and it appears the family spokesman, Helena Dwyer, has been duped and the page may be controlled by an anonymous person with an unknown agenda.

He calls himself Troy Killman. I have been unable to verify this person exists.

According to his profile, he is in a relationship with Casey Slone, a young man from Boston. Here's Casey's profile, which explains that he works for the NSA.

Except, wait. That profile is fake, created with photos pulled from Slone's real account, which I won't link to here. Sloan is actually involved in New England politics.

Killman claims to be from the Manchester, NH area, the hometown of prolific posters on Topix, who attack anyone suggesting that Maura may still be alive.

Manchester is also within the 22-mile "ping radius" of the mysterious phone caller who called Maura's phone the day she went missing in New Hampshire.

The term for posing as someone you are not, online, is "Catfishing."

It appears that Helena has given access to the official Maura Facebook page to a person who is creating false identities online, for purposes unknown.

Some have suggested this could be Alden Olson, the creep who taunted the family with YouTube videos a couple years ago.

Whoever it is, the authorities and the Murray family should find out who they're really dealing with. Especially given the connections to the mystery caller from the day Maura disappeared.

The Facebook pages for both Troy Killmans and Casey Slone were taken down hours after this post was published.

I hope authorities are looking into this. My hunch is that whoever these people were, they were also responsible for the Alexa Taylor Facebook page that was using Maura's photo for her profile pic.

Readers also pointed out a Troy Killman who worked for hotels in the Dover area, around the time of Maura's disappearance.

With the Manchester, NH connection I would not be surprised if this same person is prolifically spamming the Topix pages dedicated to Maura's disappearance.

Whoever it is, they were able to bullshit their way into moderating the family's "official" page and the Murrays and the police should be very interested in figuring out just who it was and why they were taking control of the information coming in and out of that account (including potential leads).

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Trolls Are Loud, But Few

Anyone working in journalism the last few years has noticed the rise of the Anonymous Troll, the frequent online commenter who hides behind anonymity and tosses cheap pot-shots at the writer, or just uses the forum to talk about how they believe Jews are taking over the world or Obama is to blame for everything that is wrong with society.

To them, it's a kind of game. Like Dungeons and Dragons. They can pretend to be someone else, say some things to just get people angry, and then sit back and watch the drama.

The trolling comments on this blog have greatly increased in the last few weeks/months. It really took off around the time I spoke out about the criminal history of Maura's siblings and the man her mother had an affair with and continued as I've reported on recent possible sightings of Maura throughout the U.S.

It's interesting that much of these comments can be backtracked to a small area of Manchester, New Hampshire, which is within the range of the infamous "londonderry ping," that phone call Maura's cell received the afternoon of her disappearance. Though these comments all come from Manchester, they appear under at least a dozen different monikers (some using proxies which attempt to reroute their location to other cities). I keep a list of their I.P.s in case their anger escalates to actual danger at some point. It is also interesting to me that Troy Killman, the silent moderator of the Maura Murray Facebook Page (a young man who is obsessed with the case but has no academic purpose for being so involved) lived and attended school in Manchester, according to one of his multiple personal Facebook pages. Killman banned me from that page when I posted about recent sightings.

I honestly don't know what to make of all this. But it's odd.

At first, I figured I would just ban all unmoderated comments to this blog. But that doesn't help generate new leads. So, going forward, I plan to simply delete these trolling comments. It's a little more work for me, but it seems to make the most sense.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Sightings Keep Coming

Here's another decent sighting (in my opinion) from a reader:

I live in ChestertownMD.  It’s a very small, rural community. on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  I grew up in a big city so  life in Chestertown is very different for me.  Although my practical sense is telling me the following was “just one of those things”….I was in the local grocery store approximately 8 or 9 weeks ago.  An elderly woman in the check out lane next to mine addressed someone behind me.  I heard her greet this person and ask, “How’s your little girl doing?  She’s 4 right?”  I honestly was bored waiting in line and instinctively turned around as the woman behind me smiled and said, “Yes.  Good.”  I met her gaze and my instant thought was “I am looking at Maura Murray.”   I don’t go looking for missing peoples’ faces in the crowds, mind you.  I am 36 and this woman appeared not much younger than me.  She had very light brown hair and her face appeared to have the same facial structures/smile.  This woman was easily 150-160 lbs.  She wore jeans and a gray zip up hoodie sweatshirt.  The reaction of her eyes made me freeze.  I’m sure everyone one in the world has stared at someone in a grocery store line, etc.  I can only say her eyes looked at me, I don’t even know how to describe it…but, it wasn’t a look of “Ok, weirdo, quit looking at me.”  She nodded a few times to the elderly woman, but did not speak again while I was in earshot, anyway. I stayed partially turned around gazing at items on the end caps while intermittently gazing back at her again.  She only spoke those two words to the elderly woman.  It was too quick for me to detect a heavy Boston accent.  My Dad grew up in CranstonRI and we have family in MA…I’m familiar with that region’s accents.  I had to force myself to turn back around.  I came home and told my husband about it and brushed it off as “just one of those things.”  I have often thought about it since then and wished I would’ve taken a phone pic, with discretion of course, or engaged this woman in conversation.  The reason I chose to tell you of this incident is because I read your latest post about the possibility of Maura having been in Virginia.  Chestertown is a small, private town.  Tons of farmland and generally large property acreage, putting neighbors pretty far apart.  I am a RN x almost 14 years, spending the last 12 years in the E.D.  I simply have this acquired ability to recognize faces even with some physical changes.  Unfortunately, drug users are frequent flyers and will try almost anything to alter their appearance to score narcotic medication.  The point of this being…. I didn’t have to think about it, when I turned around, I thought I was staring at Maura Murray.  I have not seen this woman since.  This most likely is just a clever coincidence, but I haven’t seemed to shake the mental image.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

**UPDATED** Best Sighting Yet!

I was contacted today by a former employee of the Red Rock Casino in Vegas, who believes the young woman known as "Joanna," dealing cards there in late 2005/early 2006 was Maura Murray. I am cautiously optimistic about this sighting for a few reasons. Most importantly, this man who called is not the typically crazy psychic tipster who normally calls in about this sort of thing. But also because of these details:

- she often hiked out at Red Rock park
- she was quiet-spoken (everyone who met Maura uses this exact phrase)
- when she left she talked about possibly "getting back into nursing"

Also, this sighting isn't from some person who saw a look-alike on the street. This is from an older man who worked side-by-side with her for several months.

The number he had for Joanna is now located in Virginia.

Does anyone have more info on Red Rock Casino or this mysterious "Joanna?"

A manager at Red Rock sexually harassed Joanna in front of several witnesses, leading to the manager being fired. Joanna left shortly thereafter.

I don't want to try to connect too many different leads, but the homeless woman in Georgia also talked about being sexually harassed and assaulted by men in her past.

Monday, March 24, 2014

When Did Kate and Sara Know Maura Was Missing?

Maura had made two good friends at UMass: Kate Markopoulos and Sara Alfieri. I'd like to know when they knew Maura was missing.

According to Fred, he didn't know Maura was missing until early evening, Tuesday. Unless Maura spoke to Kate and Sara about her plans, whatever they were, two days have gone by with Maura flying under the radar. Why didn't Kate or Sara start looking for her before Fred? They would have known that Maura had disappeared by then. She wouldn't have been answering her phone or door. Wouldn't her two closest friends wonder where the hell she was?

I can't ever get a straight answer out of Kate. And the only time I have managed to speak to Sara, her only question was "How the hell did you find me?"

Early on, Helena Dwyer, the woman who runs the Facebook group, explained that Sara gave Fred important details about Maura but would not ever tell them to a reporter. I wonder if Sara ever gave those details to investigators.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

What's on that ATM video?

Last month, when the 10th anniversary of Maura's disappearance came around, I asked the authorities to release the ATM footage of Maura taken from the bank in Amherst when she withdrew money right before driving into the North Country. It went up the chain of command. Strelzin declined.

Over the years, there have been rumors about what that footage may show. Some have suggested Maura had a black eye.

It's possible they are keeping it secret because it shows exactly what she was wearing at the time of her disappearance and may be used to identify a body or even a suspect.

But... 10 years, man. After a decade, I'm not sure what it would hurt.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Note to Commenters **UPDATED**

Lately, the tone in the comments section has grown increasingly angry and threatening. I am trying to keep the comments "open". I would like to. And, I don't personally mind when you're critical of me or my writing. That's actually one of the main reasons for this blog. I need the constructive criticism.

However, there will be no "outing" of victims of sex crimes, here. Or posting of suspects without any evidence cited.

If you don't want to be civil in my sandbox, you can play somewhere else.

Well, that didn't work.

I'll be approving all comments for a while. I had to do this back when the blog started, for about four months. Until the vitriol calms down, this is the way it goes.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

***UPDATED! JEAN FOUND ALIVE!*** Claude Moulton Asked to Take Lie Detector Test

Those who have followed Maura's case for years recall the story from the Murray family about the "A-frame house" and the "bloody knife". A man named Larry Moulton came forward after Maura's disappearance, claiming that his brother, Claude, killed her. He gave the Murray family a knife that he said was used in the crime.

Lately, the Moulton brothers theory has reappeared on a number of blogs. I still do not see any evidence that Maura's disappearance was an abduction/murder and so was not too interested in this Claude character. But then an internet sleuth over on Websleuths dug up the story of Jean Caccavaro and I was struck by the resemblance between Maura and Jean.

Caccavaro disappeared in 1977 after she was dropped off at the intersection of Rt. 112 and Rt. 116, just a couple miles east of the site of Maura's accident. In 1978, Claude Moulton married Caccavaro's daughter.

I spoke to a member of Claude's extended family, this weekend. Here's what I learned.

At the time of Maura's disappearance, Claude was living with a woman he met when she was 14 and he was 34. Started sleeping with her at 17. They lived in the A-frame house on Valley Rd. about a mile from where Maura was last seen. He drove truck for Lin-Cor Environmental.

Claude told family members that Larry made up the story about him snatching Maura in order to get reward money. Larry had a history of drug use and was not an altogether likeable guy, himself.

After Larry came forward, Claude was asked to sit for a lie detector test at the Havehill Police Department.

Claude has a long history of domestic violence and a thing for very young women.

Days after Larry talked to detectives, Claude hurriedly scrapped his red volvo car. For his part, Claude tells family he had nothing to do with Maura's disappearance.

Just got off the phone with James Caccavaro. Guess what? Jean is alive and well. She ran away, started a new life, and came back in 1984.

James says Claude "is a good guy. Smart guy." Maura Murray, he says, "was obviously an alcoholic young lady. She ain't dead. No one abducted her. She'll come back one day. That girl, she's a fuckin' ho. A drunken ho. And her father? A fuckin perv. You know what I mean?"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How You Can Help

This recent sighting in Georgia got me thinking. It could definitely help to post flyers about Maura's disappearance in area homeless shelters across the country. At the very least, it might drum up a few new leads.

If all of us took a little time to post flyers at our local homeless shelter this week, it might go a long way to either finding her, or ruling out the possibility that she's living in one of these camps.

Feel free to use this one.