Monday, November 7, 2016

Maura Disappeared Very Early in Semester

This is one of those details that kind of fell through the cracks.

Spring Semester at UMass Amherst began late, in 2004. Classes didn't start until January 28th.

Friday, Feb 6 was a snow day. That means Maura may have attended only 7 days of class. Also worth noting is that Feb 10, the day after she disappeared, was the last day to drop without any record.


  1. Ok... is there a point to that?

    Here's the obvious thing I've never seen addressed. I presume Maura had a computer. If her plan was to vanish she absolutely had to research in advance. I'm a college educated, intelligent person and wouldn't have a clue how to successfully execute such a complex plan. It's a lot more than just throwing out your credit/bank cards and driving away. It takes a high level of planning and knowledge to make it happen. As such there should be evidence somewhere in her personal belongings of this planning. Without it I simply can't buy the theory.

    1. Agreed. The evidence that does exist suggests she was planning to go away for a while but not totally disappear.

  2. I'm not sure what your point is about dropping a class. In order to drop a class without penalty, particularly if you have financial aid, you must do it through the registrar, as you must know from having taught college classes. If you don't follow the procedures for dropping a class, your nane will stay on the roster.

  3. Which is why the crated items in her dorm room were most likely never unpacked from the break.

  4. Wouldn't this support the story from her family that there was a possibilty of her transferring ?
    I don't think she would've bothered to message teachers if she were running away let alone picking up accident forms etc.

  5. I think this further proves that Maura intended to return. Why would she have emailed professors stating her intention to return after a week, if she so easily could have been dropped from theses classes altogether?

  6. Fred dropped Maura off at the UMASS campus Sunday afternoon. Supposedly, Maura went to work at the Art Gallery on Sunday and Sara saw her there. Maura didn't mention the car wreck with her dad's car. Did anybody else see Maura that day besides Sara? How was she acting, could anyone tell something was wrong with her?
    Maura had only been in classes for about 7 days. How many clinicals had she really been to? Remember Fred said that Maura's car had been undrivable for the past 2 weeks, and she had been catching rides to clinicals. How many clinicals had she caught a ride to?
    Since Maura wasn't on the track team anymore, did she still have a full ride scholarship to UMASS? If not, had her tuition been paid for the Spring 2004 semester?
    I know alot of people dismiss the Vasi hit and run but I'm still not 100% convinced it's not related.
    I know it's been Said the paint chips didn't match but that doesn't convince me it's right. The other day I was riding with my sister n law and a lady side swiped us on the drivers side door. There wasn't any where to pull over, so we had to drive up a bit. Well the car turned off and did a hit and run. We pulled over, and the marks on our car were white from where she hit us. The ladies car was black not white.
    Had the Saturn ever been painted or was it orginally black?
    IMO- something happened to Maura to make her want to leave pretty fast.
    I also think its Possible it was a pregnancy. When your young, not ready and you find out your pregnant, it's pretty scary.
    Pregnancy would explain why Maura left and why certain family and friends haven't been 100% forthcoming.

  7. I think this information gives even more credibility to the opinion that she was pregnant at the time.
    Some people think her internet searches about alcohol and pregnancy could be school related, because she was attending nursing program, but if she only started her classes and went to school for seven days or so, i highly doubt that these searches were school related.

    1. I disagree. Just because classes were one week into the term, that doesn't mean there's no work done. As a professor, I assure you plenty of work is assigned in the first week, including research of all kinds.

  8. I think I actually mentioned this quite a while ago (though I may have still been posting anonymously then).

    There was a discussion about her room being packed so, on a lark, I Googled "UMass Amherst spring 2004" & found these dates. I was playing devil's advocate to those who were saying she'd "packed up" her room. I suggested that since it was early in the semester she'd *not unpacked* yet.

    I don't really know what I believe, but I like to think about every angle.