Monday, November 28, 2016

No, I Do Not Think Maura Is a Sociopath.

The latest Missing Maura Murray podcast is out, today. It's a kind of Best Of episode, catching listeners up on all that has happened so far. They revisit episode 6, which was recorded over a year ago. That was the episode where I called Maura a sociopath (based on actions like credit card fraud, identity theft, affairs, etc.) and said she was "at her best when she was with Billy Rausch."

Boy do I wish I could take that back.

I have since learned that Bill Rausch lost his job in D.C. after coworkers claimed he assaulted a woman in the office, pushing her down onto a table in a drunken state when they were alone. That's one of several alarming stories I've heard about Bill.

To be clear, I no longer believe Maura was a sociopath. I believe she was a survivor. I believe that when she left UMass, she was leaving Bill behind as well as other sources of stress in her life.


  1. While listening to the latest Missing Maura Podcast episode I had two thoughts. 1) Did Fred start writing the letter re: the police three months after with thoughts of Maura running away or suicidal but then after he becomes displeased with the police he becomes accusatory and goes with the abduction theory to produce different results? 2) when John Smith states that the police told him to leave Fred Murray alone, he makes it seem that there was something weird about the police. But Fred called them, he told them about John Smith. Maybe he was suspicious of John or wanted to have them check things out. Of course the ultimate result was a favorable relationship with Murrays and John Smith, but maybe originally the police were doing nothing more than checking out a lead the FRED gave them.

    It's always interesting the way things are represented can leave a thousand different ways it is perceived.

  2. You mean you made a mistake in judgment and you're not infallible? Weird. Get it together man. Good god.

  3. Good to hear Lance and Tim reflect how poorly they came across
    early on. I believe when it is all said and done that they will regret many other ways in which they handled certain situations. I am sure Mr Smith feels the same way. I feel sorry for you if you can't or won't admit it. I am guilty myself in speaking at times from an emotional standpoint on this case. I am not coming from an emotional standpoint with my remarks today.

  4. The physic remarks was a disappointing. That was a really the most cringing episode to listen to.I mean really to spoon feed her was hysterically funny and lame. To try and smooth it over is abused sorry tough love!

  5. "Boy do I wish I could take that back." Admirable statement. A number of people these days do not admit to ever being wrong. I respect this post you made a great deal.

  6. I'm listening to the podcast now and they mention someone whose father told his to put a rag his tailpipe if the head gasket isn't working. They also say that Fred said the car's head gasket was blown, and the rag was a temporary solution. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I've been following the blog and listening to the podcast and not heard this before. Could the 'rag in the tailpipe' finally be exposed as a red herring?