Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More on that Back Lake sighting

I really like this new sighting from the Back Lake area of Pittsburg, NH.

The witness was about 10 when this occurred so the event was probably not fully understood. What he remembered was that this woman showed up, looking for a place to hide from a couple men. He believes, after seeing Maura Murray's photo, that it was her. He says his aunt believes it was her as well, though I am still hoping to speak to the aunt directly.

There are a number of cheap rental lodges around Back Lake. And they are open for business in February.

Is it possible Maura was staying at one of these lodges for a bit?

Did somebody come looking for her, causing her to have to wait to return to the lodge until they were gone?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Best New Sightings

In the last few weeks, I've received two very intriguing new sightings, one of which I kept quiet about for a bit so that the cold case unit could pull some video. But enough time has passed that I can share.

The first sighting occurred in March, 2004, just a few weeks after Maura disappeared. The tip comes from someone who was just a kid ten years ago. He remembers being home with his Aunt when a woman showed up at the house, frightened out of her mind, and pleaded to come in for a little bit. She said she was running from some men. The aunt let her in and she stayed for a while that day. Ten years later, this person was watching a collection of unsolved mysteries videos on YouTube and saw Maura Murray's picture. He believes the woman who came to the house that day was Maura.

This happened in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, near Back Lake, which is coincidentally on the border of Canada, very near Sherbrooke, where Maura has been sighted in the past.

The second sighting occurred just a couple weeks ago, in Tallahassee, Florida. A couple was vacationing there and stopped at a gas station. The woman noticed a vehicle there with temporary plates from Quebec. Her husband saw a woman who looked like Maura inside. The police were interested in getting the video right away.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Chance to Contribute to the Book

We've begun the editing process for the book and soon there will be a final draft and this will be set it stone. It looks like it will be in bookstores sometime next Spring/Summer (I'll have a date, soon).

If you have something important that you would like to share, some piece you've been keeping that might help the investigation if shared with readers, now's kind of the last chance to come forward.

Email me at

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Article Explores the Dangers of Investigating Cold Cases Like Maura's Disappearance

I have a new article for today, in which I talk about some of the weird things that have happened to me while investigating Maura's disappearance and other cold cases.

Check it out.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

TRUE CRIME ADDICT Will Be a Thomas Dunne Book!

True Crime Addict will be published by Thomas Dunne Books in Spring/Summer 2016!

This nonfiction book follows my investigation into Maura Murray's disappearance. Fans of this blog have followed me on this journey, and, at times, have helped reveal new leads and clues in this strange mystery. But I guarantee there will be some surprises in store for you, too.

Thank you all for your help.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is Not a Family Looking for Answers

God forbid I should ever know what it's like to lose a loved one. Everyone grieves in their own way. But the Murrays have responded to the disappearance of their youngest daughter and sister in a very unusual way from the beginning and it is apparent to me that they simply do not want answers in this case any more.

I think of the parents and siblings of people like Holly Bobo and Amy Mihaljevic and Molly Bish, who have been relentless and involved with the search for their loved one. And then I consider the Murrays.

- Their is no organized online effort to find Maura. The "official" website is run by a woman who has no direct relation to the family (even though she calls herself an "aunt").

- Maura's mother was never involved with the searches in the weeks after her daughter disappeared.

- Some of Maura's siblings had very little to do with the searches.

- Fred's efforts to find his daughter were staged in the first year of the search. According to his former son-in-law and two volunteer searchers, Fred would sleep in, then go for a jog, then get breakfast, and then organize a short search for Maura, then return to the bar and hotel. When the cameras showed up, he acted manic, as if he needed to find her NOW. But when they left, he fiddled around. "If that were my daughter, I'd have been up at the crack of dawn," said his son-in-law.

- Most families of the missing release any and all information, in an effort to find their loved ones. The Murrays are very select about releasing clues, especially sightings. A cashier in Woodsville believes she saw Maura with two friends at the grocery store an hour before the accident. Fred knew about this credible sighting for 10 years. While they released other unlikely sightings, they never released this one.

- Maura's brother, Kurt, wrote a song in 2010, dedicated to Maura in which he says he believes she ran away to start a better life after something bad happened.

- Before I began this blog, Fred made it clear he did not want a book written about his daughter's case. He has asked several of Maura's friends to not talk to reporters.

- Instead of cooperating with police, Fred refused to speak to state detectives for two years and when he did, he brought two lawyers with him. He sued the state to get records in an effort to find out what they knew but refused to share info with them.

- Fred lied about the events of the weekend before Maura went missing. He lied to police and reporters, especially about how and when Maura arrived back at his motel and the sequence of events that occurred after she got there.

Fred's actions suggest his motivation to find his daughter was to find her before the police did.

This is not normal behavior.

Friday, February 13, 2015

What Is the Connection to Killarney, Ireland?

When I visited Fred's old house in Weymouth a few years ago, I discovered a few very odd things. Firstly, at the time of Maura's disappearance, the bank had a lien on the home due to unpaid taxes. Fred was living there with his brother. And one or both of them were hoarders of the nth degree. Windows looked in on a kitchen where dog food cans and empty 24-pack boxes of Coors were piled four-feet-high - literally to the kitchen countertops.

There was an outbuilding that had recently collapsed, and near it were piles of old mail and magazines addressed to Fred. Among them was the adult magazine in which I found xeroxed photographs of young girls tucked inside the pages -- the girls turned out to be Fred's cousins.

Next to the magazines was a municipal map of the small town of Killarney, Ireland. At some point near the time of Maura's disappearance, a member of the Murray family took a trip there. It seems an odd place and location to travel for a vacation and I've always wondered about this. It's another question that could easily be answered by the family but to date they've said nothing about it.